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Cage Shark Diving Reef Map KZN South Africa

Aliwal Shoal and Rocky Bay Reef Map - For Shark Cage Diving

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All the local reefs are unspoilt and in pristine condition offering every diver anything from Macro, marine fish, game fish and sharks. Diving conditions are good throughout the year with an average of 10m visibility, water temp 25' in the summer and 19' in the winter. You will have a comfortable boat, experienced skipper and DM at you and your friend's disposal for any day or week!
  • Landers Aliwal Shoal and ten other diving reefs to choose from.
  • All dive equipment can be arranged for hire.
  • PADI Instructors for diving courses can be arranged for groups.
  • 7.2m Superduck to charter you to 13 Dive sites.
Ski Boatl Reef - Rocky Bay KZN - Soft Cage Scuba Diving
3.2 - 12.7m Distance - 500m
Ski Boat Reef was formed when an old whaling ship sank off Rocky Bay and a whaling platform sank next to it. The wreck and platform have broken up forming a reef. There are still three anchors to be seen and an abundance of marine life. Ideal reef training in good conditions and first Scuba dives.
Butchers Reef - Rocky Bay KZN - Soft Cage Scuba Diving
17 - 26m Distance - 3.5km
Butcher's Reef consists of large overhangs and pinnacles, live shells can be seen.
Fern Coral Reef - Rocky Bay KZN - Soft Cage Scuba Diving
18 - 26m Distance - 4km
Fern Coral reef has an unspoilt abundance of fish life and caves, and is one of the prettiest reefs on our coast. There are plenty of Large Fern Corals to be seen.
Cowriel Reef - Rocky Bay KZN - Soft Cage Scuba Diving
18 - 26m Distance - 4.5km
Cowrie Reef is an unspoilt small and pretty reef with large cowries and abundant fish life. It features spectacular plant life and there are numerous caves and gullies and swimthroughs a play ground for any diver who does not like a flat reef.
Umzamayi Reef - Rocky Bay KZN - Soft Cage Scuba Diving
26 - 36m Distance - 4.5km
This is a very pristine reef with a wall drop off, large black coral can be seen and large fish. This reef is also frequented by sharks.
Castle Reef - Rocky Bay KZN - Soft Cage Scuba Diving
15 - 26m Distance - 8km
A beautiful reef with lots to be seen on and around the reef, one is almost guaranteed a shark here on every dive.
Landers Reef - Rocky Bay KZN - Soft Cage Scuba Diving
20 - 33m Distance - 5.5km
Landers Reef is very interesting and is a fossilized sand dune with many caves, gullies and pinnacles. There is an abundance of coral including stag horn coral, various game fish and marine fish like you have never seen before. In the Winter Raggie sharks come to Landers before they go to the Aliwal Shoal. A very popular diving reef amongst locals. A reef that has to be dived. Zambezi sharks (to name but a few) are often out and about. There are swim troughs and over hangs,black coral and pink thistle coral.
Eelskins Reef - Rocky Bay KZN - Soft Cage Scuba Diving
14 - 26m Distance - 10km
This dive site is superb example of the fossilized rock formations. Situated near the south western tip of the reef there are lots of clusters of reef with plenty of sand gullies and lovely swim throughs. Many cowries can be found here and as the gullies offer shelter from the currents you will often find Raggies during the season and lots of shoaling tropical fish.
The Produce Shipwreck - Soft Cage Scuba Diving
The Produce hit the Aliwal Shoal in August 1974 and drifted to sink, inshore just off the shoal. Many years later,  due to the rough seas that pound this area, the hull split in half amid ships and eventually rolled onto it's starboard side. Today the aft and front section of the wreck are scattered on the ocean floor. Watch out for some massive Brindle Bass which hide in the inside of the wreck. In the winter large Salmon can be found on the wreck.
The Nebo Shipwreck - Soft Cage Scuba Diving
The Nebo lies upside down in 18-27m of water. Her stern is fairly intact but the bow and amidships is quite broken up. The propeller was damaged in the grounding and the blade can still be seen on the Shoal in the Pinnacles area. The stern is home to a large variety of fish and also has a swim through below the propeller. The boilers are visible in the amidships area as are the cargo of railway girders. There is a large debris field on the port side.
Landers Reef - Rocky Bay KZN - Soft Cage Scuba Diving
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