There are numerous species of sharks to be found in our warm waters on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. The species of sharks range from Ragged Tooth Sharks which make their appearance from April through to November to majestic Whale Sharks which can be seen from December...
  Ragged Tooth Sharks
Ragged Tooth Sharks can be viewed either at Aliwal Shoal Reef or at our Local reefs off Rocky Bay in Park Rynie. At times you will be able to see female Ragged Tooth Sharks the whole year round! They look fierce with there long sharp teeth but are relatively relaxed and make for excellent photo's.
  Tiger Sharks
Tiger Sharks are definitely one of the most awesome sharks to dive with in the open ocean, We are one of the few countries in the world that do not use a cage on these dives, The best time is in the summer, although they are also seen in the Winter. There can be anything from 1 - 10 Tigers on a dive.
  Black Tip Sharks
Black Tip Sharks can be seen throughout year and number between 5 and 30 sharks on a dive. You can either dive on a reef to view the sharks and then come up to 10m of water and do a drift dive with the sharks, one can also encounter Tiger Sharks such a dive. During the winter months, one can also encounter Dusky sharks whilst on the Shark Dive experience mentioned above.
  Bull Sharks
They are not always around but can be seen on our Reefs at times.
  Giant Guitar Sharks
These are found in the Summer months on sandy patches on the Aliwal Shoal.
  Hammer Head Sharks
The Summer months seem to be the best time to dive with these sharks but can be seen throughout the year on our Reefs.
  Whale Sharks
Whale Sharks can be seen from Dec - March when there is an abundance of plankton in the water for them to feed on, From Rocky Bay to Scottburgh they swim close inshore, there can anything from 1 - 7 on a given day.
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